An elderly woman was arrested in Huntsville, Alabama last week for allegedly spraying a pro-choice demonstrator in the face with what she said was "holy water." reported that Joyce Fecteau, a 75-year-old Catholic woman, was arrested on January 9 for misdemeanor harassment. She allegedly sprayed pro-choice demonstrator Lisa Cox in the face outside Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives last month.

Fecteau said she keeps holy water in a squirt bottle and sprayed it at a "noxious material" that one of the pro-choice demonstrators was carrying.

She had a long history of pro-life activism.

“I am disheartened that anyone would interfere with Mrs. Fecteau’s beautiful ministry and wonderful efforts in helping women," Kelly Manley, the president of Huntsville Right to Life, told LifeNews. "Women deserve the resources and emotional support for the choice of Life! Neither abortion nor the 'slavery of welfare' are Equal Opportunity for women in America. We must continue to reach out and help pregnant women in need to decrease the number of abortions nationwide and to build stronger women in America."

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