The mother of a 12-year-old California girl is demanding justice after video surfaced of her daughter being beaten up not just by a fellow student, but two adults.

"I'm beyond mad," the girl's mother told KTLA-TV on Saturday. "I just see red. Everything you see in the video is like a hate crime."

According to the station, the girl, identified by her first name, Tia, and another female student had planned to settle their existing differences in a fistfight near Dana Middle School in San Pedro, California.

However, the other girl allegedly showed up with two adults, one of whom can be seen grabbing Tia by the hair, punching her, and holding her for the other student and another woman to attack. Tia also told the station the woman who first attacked her used a racial slur against her.

The person filming the video has not been identified, but the footage was allegedly posted on Facebook.

Tia's mother, who refused to be identified, told the station she has contacted the Los Angeles Police Department regarding the attack. Authorities have reportedly promised to investigate on Monday.

Watch KTLA's report on the attack, aired Jan. 19, 2013, below.