A secularist organization in central Florida announced plans on Wednesday to distribute atheist and agnostic informational materials in local schools after a group of Christians distributed Bibles on Jan. 16, according to the group’s press release.

The Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC), which is a chapter of the national Freedom from Religion Foundation, believes it is unfair for such materials to be distributed by a single religious group.

David Williamson, head organizer for the chapter formed just last fall, told the Raw Story that he has heard no negative feedback regarding the planned event but that it was announced very recently.

The organization, which Williamson said currently has about 100 people on its email list, hopes to distribute the materials within two weeks, after the consent it has received from the Orange County School Board is made official.

Williamson said his organization was "not in favor of" any organizations going into schools to advocate for religions or non-religions, but that the CFFC was doing so in the name of "equality and making sure we have equal accommodation under the law."

The press release states that the organization wants to ensure it is "countering their religious propaganda."

On Jan. 16, World Changers of Florida, Inc., distributed copies of the Bible in public high schools in Orange County, Fla., by leaving them on tables during lunch, reported News 13. The attorney for the school district claims it is following the law and that students are not "encouraged or discouraged" from picking up Bibles.

[Image: Preacher holding Bible via Shutterstock]