A Massachusetts high school principal has been suspended after portraying himself as the movie character "The Terminator" in a video for students.

According to ABC News, Erik Naumann was suspended for two days for the video, which used scenes from the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day showing empty classrooms and playgrounds burning after an explosion, as well as footage depicting Naumann, as the titular robot stalking Linda Hamilton's character, Sarah Connor.

"The messages that are in that video are kind of disturbing," Everett Public Schools Superintendent Frederick Foresteire told WCVB-TV on Monday. "A woman terrorized in the hallway. They show four empty classrooms. Where have the students gone?"

The video, shown during morning announcements at Everett High School, attracted criticism after a student uploaded it to YouTube, in light of violent attacks at schools in Colorado and Connecticut, among others. It has since been taken down.

"If this was a child, what would happen to the child?," one parent asked ABC after seeing the video. "They would be suspended or reprimanded."

Watch ABC News' story on "The Naumannator," aired Jan. 15, 2013, below.

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