On his show Thursday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart mocked the "four hour erection" of Fox News over Al Gore's sale of Current TV. The late-night comedian ended up using their own criticisms to slam the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch.

Current TV, a fledgling cable network, was bought by the Arab news network Al Jazeera last week. Various Fox News personalities have blasted Gore for selling his channel to an allegedly "anti-American" network that was owned by Qatar.

To see what all the fuss was about, Stewart played a clip of a Saudi cleric saying that Jews made matzos with human blood, among other absurdities.

"You know, if that were true you'd think matzos would be more flavorful, but its not," he joked. "That's just awful. To air that on Al Jazeera -- oh, I'm sorry, that didn't air on Al Jazeera, that aired on a network called Rotana. That's my fault, that's another television station in the Arab world. That one is owned not by Qatar, but by a Saudi prince named Al-Waleed bin Talal and also 20 percent of that is owned by a guy named Rupert Murdoch."

Stewart noted Rotana had also aired a movie that portrayed American soldiers as "the bad guys," who massacred Iraqi civilians and sold their organs to Jews.

"I don't even know what to say. Rupert Murdoch profiting from the airing of that type of anti-American propaganda? Words fail me. Can anyone else jump in?"

The late-night comedian then played a series of clips where Fox News personalities criticized Al Jazeera, but the word "Al Jazeera" was appropriately replaced by "Rotana."

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: