On his show Tuesday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart ruthlessly lampooned "freedom fetishist" Glenn Beck, pointing out his proposed "Independence" city was not very independent.

Beck unveiled his grandiose plans to constructed a self-sustaining city that would reflect traditional American values earlier this month.

While the city-to-be was purportedly designed to embody American liberty, in actuality it only appeared to reflect Beck's own personal proclivities. The city apparently would be centrally planned, with Ann Taylor and Gap stores being banned. Residents in the city would also be encouraged to watch the "real movies and real television" produced by Beck and his supporters.

Stewart joked Beck's city sounded like the "perfect Marxist utopia," noting that Beck even said the city would break down class divisions. The city would also celebrate the Fourth of July in its own particular way, without hotdogs or beer or the song "Born in the USA."

"Your town sucks, dude," Stewart remarked.

"These folks that cloak themselves in patriotism pretending they alone can reveal the true intent of our Constitution are not our Founding Fathers incarnate," he concluded. "They’re just another shitty neighborhood association whose nostalgic utopia will fall apart the minute somebody decides to paint their house mauve."