A U.S. District Judge upheld a Texas school district's rule requiring students to wear locator chips on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

Judge Orlando Garcia overturned an injunction won by John Jay High School sophomore Andrea Hernandez requiring the school to let her continue her studies without wearing the tag. The Northside Independent School District mandated students wear the chips as part of a policy tracking attendance via radio frequency identification, or RFID, technology.

Hernandez and her family objected to wearing the chip on religious grounds, saying they bore "the mark of the beast," as described in Christian prophecy.

In his decision, Garcia said (PDF) that the district moved to appease her by letting her remove the RFID chip while wearing her identification card, but that Hernandez wanted to wear an ID badge issued to her at a different school, which violated the school's need for a consistent form of identification for security purposes.

"Quite obviously, the purpose of the badge would be meaningless if every student could pick or choose whichever badge he or she desired," he wrote. "The District's badge requirement has a incidental effect, if any, on Plaintiff's religious beliefs."

The Next Web reported that Hernandez has until Jan. 18 to decide whether she will wear a school ID without the chip or choose to transfer to a new school.

[h/t Wired]