A militia in Kansas is planning for the zombie apocalypse -- and it's not a joke, reported the Kansas City Star.

“We are not crazy. We are not paranoid. We believe in preparedness in any situation,” the website of the Kansas Anti Zombie Militia says.

The group's primary spokesperson, Alfredo Carbajal, told the paper, "We are thinking it [the zombie apocalypse] is more possible than people think.” By zombies, the group refers to the possibility of a virus that triggers in people symptoms reminiscent of stereotypical zombies.

The website warns that zombies must be killed by "destroying the brain," that "Zombies tend to hunt in groups," and that they "have a strong sense of hearing and smell, but the vision is poor due to decomposing."

The group, which argues that such symptoms have been documented as far back as the late 16th century, was the focus of a recent Discovery Channel documentary.

The militia also raises money and food for charity, and Carbajal also said that preparing for any kind of disaster can help when the unexpected hits.

“My thought is if you are ready for zombies, you are ready for anything, whether it be natural disasters, fall of government, invasion from another country — the possibilities are endless," he told the paper.

[A female zombie. Photo: Shutterstock.com, all rights reserved.]

[h/t Salon]