Fox News host Brian Kilmeade trashed climatologists on his radio show on Tuesday after a caller pointed out that the vast majority of climate scientists argue that global warming is, in fact, real.

"You mean the corrupt ones?" Kilmeade asked the caller, who called himself "John." "You mean the corrupt ones who admit they skew their findings?"

"I wish you could read my lips," John shot back. "Ninety-eight percent of the climatologists -"

"In your house," Kilmeade interrumpted. "How do they make their living, climatologists? Their industry has to be addressed. Believe me, for anyone, at the very least, to think it's settled science is a huge leap."

A 2010 study, though, confirmed that the matter really is settled for 97 to 98 percent of climate researchers, echoing a University of Illinois study (PDF) the previous year.

The issue was pushed further into the spotlight when President Barack Obama insisted during his second inaugural address on Monday that his administration would respond to "the threat of climate change," a move the caller praised.

But conservatives have long resisted the idea that the planet is getting warmer.

"This morning it snowed, only because there was pollution in China," Kilmeade said mockingly.

Listen to Kilmeade's debate with the caller, posted online by Media Matters on Tuesday, below.