Noam Chomsky's latest book, Power Systems: Conversations On Global Democratic Uprisings And The New Challenges To U.S. Empire, comes out tomorrow, but Raw Story got a little preview -- and we know our readers are big fans. So we're opening up our not-so-secret Chomsky stash to our most loyal readers.

If you don't already, "Like" us on Facebook and make sure you add us to your Interests (or check your Pages Feed). Once a day, we'll be posting an email address -- and that's your signal to send us an email that you want your copy of the newest Chomsky book. (It'll be a different email address every day, by the way.)

Send your email with the Subject line "I read Chomsky and Raw Story!" and our publisher will respond to the winner to get your physical address.

(If you win, please don't keep submitting -- it's one per reader, anyway, but we're sharing the love and hope you will, too.)

[Image via Syracuse Peace Council on Flickr, Creative Commons licensed]