Tuesday night on E!, the Entertainment Network's "Chelsea Lately," host Chelsea Handler talked to Bill Maher of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" about his $1 million dollar donation to to the pro-Obama super PAC known as Priorities USA Action and why he supported the president against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R).

Handler began by welcoming Maher to the show and asking him why he was giggling before the interview even began.

"That's because I'm always worried I'm going to be too dirty or inappropriate for this show," he replied, "and you can't be too dirty or inappropriate."

"You can't," Handler replied. "It's really sad. It's very base."

The discussion quickly moved to politics. Handler asked Maher if he'd been certain that Obama would prevail on Election Night.

"Of course not, that's why I gave him a million bucks," Maher said.

The two then bantered back and forth about which one of them makes more money, each insisting that the other's paycheck is larger. Maher said of Handler to the audience, "She has a very rich deal," then led the audience in a round of applause for her. "And deservedly!" he added.

The point is, Maher said, that the money worked. "Right after the election, Sarah Palin -- the illiterate forest creature who served half a term as the governor of a state with no people and is now the queen of brain-farts -- after the election, she said that Romney lost because he was defined in the swing states early."

"That's what our money was meant to do," he continued. "People did not change their mind much in this election after February, March and April. That's when those ads went on and we had to define Mitt Romney as what he was, a cold, robotic tax cheat from a polygamy cult."

Watch the video, embedded via E! Online, below: