A group of neighbors in North Carolina managed to rescue an 800-pound cow from a frozen backyard pool this week after the cow wandered from its pasture several miles away.

The emergency call came in Monday afternoon in Rutherford County, when Linda Lewis discovered the cow "drowning in my pool," as she described to WLOS-TV.

Lewis jumped into the pool herself to hold the creature's head above the water. Meanwhile, she said, a bull stood on the other side of the pool watching the commotion.

She called 911 after jumping out of the pool to get scissors, seeing that the cow had tangled a foot in the pool cover. When firefighters arrived, they realized right away that it was going to take some heft to save the cow.

Eight straps around the cow and 10 firefighters giving it their all did the trick. With that, they wrestled the beast out of the pool and up the steps, icicles and all.

Despite the threat of hypothermia, the cow ended up being just fine.

This video is from WLOS-TV in North Carolina, aired Wednesday, January 9, 2013.


Photo: Shutterstock.com.