A Rodgers-and-Hammerstein-style clip from an upcoming documentary explains the emergence of a male fanbase for the My Little Pony franchise in musical form.

In "Let's Go Meet The Bronies," performed by "Star Trek: The Next Generation" stalwart John DeLancie, traced the route from the toy line's first foray into television in the 1980s to its latest show, "My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic," which has gained both critical and commercial success.

Along the way, though, the new show picked up a new stream of adult male fans within a year of debuting, a phenomenon that will be covered in an upcoming documentary on the show.

As DeLancie (voicing a professor at "Pony University") explained, fall into three types: the Hipsters, who go from watching the show ironically to truly liking it; the Moderates, who were drawn in by friends; and the Creative Bronys, who create their own characters or fan videos to share online, or at public events like Bronycon or Everfree.

"Yes, the Hipsters and the Moderates are the big groups of the Bronys," DeLancie explained. "They're the dudes that are the bulk of all the men who like their Ponies."

DeLancie's Henry Higgins-ish narrator is joined later on by "Friendship is Magic" protagonist Twilight Sparkle ( voiced by Tara Strong), who demands some gender equity.

"We're not Bros, but we're Bronys," Twilight said. "Though some would prefer Pegasisters. And we also are Creatives, Moderates, and even Hipsters."

Watch DeLancie's animated exploration of the Brony phenomenon, posted online by JanAnimations on Jan. 21, 2013, below.

[h/t The Mary Sue]