A 65-year-old woman in Greenwood, SC was attacked and killed by a family dog while she was babysitting.  According to Abbeville/Greenwood's WYFF Channel 4, sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call about an animal bite.

When they arrived, they were met at the door by an "aggressive pitbull" with blood on its chest, paws and muzzle.

Shortly after deputies arrived on the scene, the homeowners returned.  They pacified the dog and closed it into a room of the house so police could enter.  The babysitter, Betty Todd, was found dead in a pool of blood that had splattered up the wall, according to a police report.  The report said that Todd appeared to have died of puncture wounds to the head, face and neck.

The homeowners had gone out to dinner, leaving Todd to watch their children.  Their eldest daughter called while they were out, alerting them that the dog had attacked the babysitter and that she needed medical attention.

The daughter told police that she had gathered the other children and fled the home for a neighbor's house.

The dog is currently in custody of animal control.

Channel 4 reported that Greenwood County Sheriff Ray Watson does not expect charges to be filed in the case.