A 9-week-old American Staffordshire puppy in Melbourne, Australia named Cleo received an unusual treatment recently after becoming poisoned by antifreeze. According to CNN, veterinarians gave the ailing hound a vodka drip that saved her life.

Two weeks ago, Cleo's owners said, the dog became ill after licking antifreeze off of a car part. As the night wore on, she got sicker and sicker.

"She was giving us a bit of a scare because she was really disorientated, she couldn't stand straight, she'd fall over," owner Stacy Zammit said.

Zammit took the dog to veterinarian Matt Paschall, who said the only hope to stop the antifreeze from destroying Cleo's kidneys was pure alcohol.

"There's toxins in that called ethylene glycol and they're very, very harmful to the kidneys so what we need to do is give them alcohol and in this case, we gave her vodka to try and mop up some of those toxins," he said.

Pascall ran a feeling tube through Cleo's nose and into her stomach, emptying nearly a third of the bottle over the course of two days.

"If we put it in human terms, for me it would be the equivalent of having seven or eight shots every four hours," Pascall explained.

Zammit was amused to know that this "hair of the dog" technique saved her puppy's life.

"It was quite funny, to be honest. Flushing her with vodka to make her better," she said.

Watch the video, embedded via CNN, below: