Stephen Colbert echoed his "colleagues'" complaints on Tuesday, calling out President Barack Obama's administration for cutting the press off from his President's Day weekend golf game with Tiger Woods.

"There are a lot of holes in this story -- specifically, 18 of them," Colbert said, leaving him with plenty of questions.

"Who drove the cart?" he began. "Who rode shotgun? Did the president hit from the ladies' tee? Did he replace his divots, or did he send Susan Rice to cover them up?"

The press corps' outrage over not getting to watch the game, Colbert agreed, was a matter of transparency.

"It's about a free press holding our leader accountable," he said. "I mean, it's one thing to keep us in the dark about a fleet of flying robo-assassins. But a round of golf on your day off? Where's the judicial oversight?"

The secrecy behind the president's game with Woods, Colbert said, should only prompt more speculation into what else he does when he's not working. The Colbert Report host then mentioned he had been told that Obama locked himself into "a small tiled room" multiple times a day.

"Evidently, sometimes he enters with great urgency," Colbert pressed on. "Only to emerge with a look of serenity. What does he do in there? All we know is that by the time he leaves, the Sudoku is finished. His apologists say it's all innocent, but folks, this does not pass the smell test."

Watch Colbert tee off on the controversy over Obama's encounter with Tiger Woods, aired Tuesday on Comedy Central, below.