An online video game depicting ex-Los Angeles Police officer and quadruple-murder suspect Christopher Dorner's battle with authorities surfaced online as demonstrators criticized his former department for mishandling the case.

KTLA-TV reported on Saturday that the game, "Christopher Dorner's Last Stand," released by the online collective 4chan, has players portraying Dorner as he fends off police attacking him in a cabin, in a crude simulation of his Feb. 12 shoot-out with authorities in Big Bear, California.

The New York Daily News reported on Friday that the game also features racist imagery and language. Besides the use of racial slurs, players, as Dorner, can boost their character's health by eating fried chicken, invoking a common stereotype.

An autopsy revealed on Saturday that Dorner died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

Meanwhile, about three dozen protesters gathered outside police headquarters criticizing the LAPD's handling of the case, which included two shooting incidents that resulted in three people being injured after being mistaken for Dorner.

Several protesters emphasized that while they did not support Dorner's alleged killing of four people in the midst of his campaign of "asymmetrical warfare," they felt the department abandoned the option of apprehending him.

"It's like they were judge, jury and executioner," one protester told KCBS-TV. "Of course, if the police are those three things, we have something called a police state."

Watch KTLA's report on "Dorner's Last Stand," and the demonstrations held on Saturday, below.