In an interview with "HuffPost Live" on Monday, Dr. Mehmet Oz said that a man's erectile function is the "dipstick" of his overall health, that problems with the penis can be early indications of problems in other areas.

"The penis is a dipstick for the male health," said Oz. "If it's not able to get erect, it's a reflection that the cells that allow blood to engorge that organ aren't working in other parts of the body; they're not working in your kidneys, not working in your heart, your brain, your skin -- there are lots of issues going on."

Oz urged men who are having erectile difficulties not to be embarrassed and to seek medical attention.

"When people are not embarrassed but thoughtful about what this signal is, then, you know, people find solutions," he said.

Oz has come under fire for being more showman than physician, and for pursuing ratings over medical outcomes. His program, "The Dr. Oz Show," produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Media, has won two Emmy Awards and averages around 4 million viewers daily.

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