The Argyle Police Department in Texas recently arrested a man from Corral City after he admitted shooting his girlfriend while the couple was drinking and playing a game of "quick draws."

At first, the 53-year-old woman told police that she had had been cleaning her .44-caliber Ruger Vaquero when she shot herself in the hand and shoulder, according to a incident report obtained by The Cross Timbers Gazette.

The nervous boyfriend, who smelled of alcohol, told police the same story. But he later admitted that he had been responsible for the shooting.

The man said that the couple had been practicing "quick draws" on each other during a night of drinking. He insisted that he was not aware that the gun was loaded.

"The officer reported that the woman had been lying in a large pool of blood all night long," the paper said.

The man was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The name of the suspect and the victim had not been released, and the Argyle Police Department did not respond to Raw Story by the time of publication.


(h/t: Today's Accidental Shootings)