Fox News host Bob Beckel apologized on Wednesday for an offensive comment he made about rape.

Beckel, who is often the sole liberal voice on the Fox News show The Five, said the issue of rape on college campuses was both "serious" and "horrendous," according to Newsbusters.

"And it's simply put, this, rape is rape," he added. "Whether it's date rape or it's somebody coming in off the campus trying to rape somebody else. I very strongly feel that way. And so, I just want to straighten the record out on that. I simply was trying to make -- there was not a distinction to make here. It simply was that date rape is rape. And that is, by ay other definition, rape is rape."

While the hosts of The Five were discussing Tuesday whether students should be allowed to carry firearms on campus, Beckel doubted that rape occurred very often at colleges.

"When's the last time you heard about rape on a college campus?" Beckel asked.

He was quickly rebuked by his astonished colleagues, who noted date rape in particular was "rampant."

"Well, date rape, yeah, that's one thing, but you gonna take a gun out and shoot your date?" Beckel responded.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: