The Daily Show host Jon Stewart ripped into Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on his show Wednesday night, using the senator's statements about the Iraq war to pummel his current outrage over Benghazi.

Republicans filibustered the confirmation vote of Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel last week, demanding more information from President Barack Obama about the attack on a consulate in Benghazi, Libya that left four Americans dead. When NBC host David Gregory asked McCain on Sunday why Republicans needed even more information, McCain responded by questioning whether the journalist cared about Americans dying.

"No, McCain, you don't get to pull the four dead Americans shit," Stewart said. "You lost that privilege over a period of, oh, I don't know, the Iraq war -- which I believe, American casaulty-wise, was literally Benghazi times 1000. Far from holding up all Senate business until that fiasco was resolved, I think you had a slightly different perspective."

McCain had warned against "wasting time" with investigations of the Iraq war, which was started because President George W. Bush claimed the country was building weapons of mass destruction. McCain acknowledged the war was based on a massive intelligence failure and was "terribly mismanaged," yet didn't call for any investigations like he has regarding Benghazi.

"I get it, mistakes happen, things go bad, we are where we are," Stewart mockingly remarked. "The only thing that would make this worse would be if not only was McCain being hypocritical about his level of outrage, but if the outrage fueling the Hagel nomination filibuster was somehow also streaked with junior high school level pettiness."

McCain has said he was opposed to Hagel because Hagel harshly criticized President Bush and the Iraq war.

"Blocking a secretary of defense nominee who has absolutely nothing to do with the target of your current rediscovered outrage at American deaths oversees whilst also copping to maybe a little personal payback is the antithesis of your stated campaign slogan," Stewart said, referring to McCain's old slogan "country first."

Watch video, via Comedy Central, below: