The Daily Show host Jon Stewart on Wednesday night reviewed Barack Obama's State of the Union address, analyzing how the President intended to save America from becoming a "Applebees-laden dystopic hellscape."

Stewart was particularly alarmed by Obama's claim that the United States was home to 70,000 structurally deficient bridges.

"Shouldn't you have led the speech with that one?" he remarked. "70,000 structurally deficient? I mean, c'mon, just open with that or break into whatever program was scheduled with an urgent message the night you found that shit out. 'Hey everybody, this is President Obama. The bridges are death traps!'"

After declaring 102-year-old Desiline Victor to be the most adorable woman on the planet, Stewart ripped Obama for claiming his administration kept Congress "fully informed" about its drone strike program. Stewart noted members of Congress had formally requested documents on drone strikes at least 18 times since 2011.

"The administration saying they kept Congress fully informed, that's like Facebook telling me how much they care about my privacy."

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