Kansas City police said on Friday that they have linked together the murders of two local sex workers and might also have found a third living victim, as they continue to look for the suspect.

"These two women were mothers, they're daughters," said Sgt. Doug Niemeier. "They're family members to someone, and they are victims. It doesn't matter what kind of lifestyle someone leaves. High-risk lifestyle or otherwise. They are victims. It doesn't give anyone the right to take a life."

According to KSHB-TV, Niemeier said authorities had connected the killings of 40-year-old Tamara Sparks and 24-year-old Nicoleone M. Reed. Both women were found dead at different locations along the same rural road, Missouri Route 92, 10 months apart. No cause of death was released.

The Kansas City Star reported that a third woman, also a sex worker, reported waking up in a rural area in late 2011 having blacked out. Police are investigating whether she is connected to the case.

That third victim told authorities she was dumped on a gravel road by a white man driving a white pickup truck. The vehicle's description is similar to the one released by Niermeier on Friday. Police also believe the suspect's truck was manufactured between the late 1970s and the early 1990s, with a bluish-green passenger side door. They also brought a size 11 "Crocs" shoe found near the area where Sparks' body was found.

If authorities can link one more homicide to the deaths of Reed and Sparks, it would officially be considered the fourth serial-killer investigation involving the targeting of sex workers since the late 1970s. The Star reported that Niermier helped crack the case in one of them, leading to the 2008 conviction of Terry Blair for killing six women.

Watch KSHB's report on the deaths of Sparks and Reed, aired Friday, below.