A Tennessee man was filmed during a recent police chase repeatedly attempting to throw out his stash of marijuana, seemingly not realizing that his passenger-side window was closed the whole time, leaving the drug scattered all over the vehicle's interior.

Video of 30-year-old Marquese Anglin's January arrest in Fairview City began rolling after an officer noticed that his license plate was expired, according to The New York Daily News.

In the minutes that followed, Anglin can be seen driving along at 60 miles per hour while interacting with something in his lap, and several times he attempts throwing something out of the passenger-side window.

After several minutes of highway pursuit, Anglin pulled over and surrendered, and that's when the officer found out what he was doing, immediately noticing the marijuana scattered all over the car and Anglin's lap.

"I actually told him that next time he might want to roll the window down because it was all over the car," arresting officer Shane Dunning said. "It was almost comical to actually see this."

This video was published on Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 by The New York Daily News.

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