Two people are dead and another is in critical condition after a Pennsylvania man lured his wife and her friends to an animal hospital with a story about an injured dog.

At a press conference on Monday, Murrysville police Chief Thomas Seefeld told reporters that 21-year-old Michael L. Lunsford lied to his wife, 22-year-old Ashley McHugh, by telling her that her dog had been shot.

McHugh arrived in her SUV at parking lot near East Suburban Animal Hospital around 7:25 p.m. on Saturday. Four members of the Llewellyn family, who she had been visiting in the Allegheny Township area, were also in the car.

Members of the Llewellyn family told police that Lunsford had initially refused to get out of his red pickup truck until Gina Llewellyn began to encourage McHugh to leave. Lunsford then shot Gina Llewellyn and her daughter, Lynall Llewellyn, before turning the .30-30 rifle on himself.

Gina Llewellyn died from a gunshot wound to the chest and Lynall Llewellyn's was described as having "life-threatening" injury. Gina's husband and their 11-year-old niece were also present at the scene but were not injured.

Murrysville police declined to discuss details of a suicide note found in Lunsford's pocket, but confirmed that he did not express a desire to harm his wife.

Lunsford was discharged from the Army last summer, and had been recently working as a security guard, sources told WTAE.

His relationship with McHugh had been rocky since the couple married in October. Lunsford had allegedly assaulted his wife about three weeks earlier, but no report had been made to police, Seefeld said.

Police said that the .30-30 rifle used in the shooting had not been listed as stolen.

Watch this video from WTAE, broadcast Feb. 25, 2013.