A New Jersey Demcratic lawmaker faced questions this week over two "Likes" that went out from his Facebook page recently, attached to entries for "Big Bootie Freaks" and a page titled "You Got Knocked The Fck Out Man," featuring fight videos from the website World Star Hip Hop.

It's not the first time Jersey City Assemblyman Charles Mainor's Facebook page has gotten him into trouble, but it is perhaps the most alarming given that World Star Hip Hop recently featured a video of a New Jersey teen being stripped and savagely beaten with a belt.

"I doubt very strongly that I would do something like that," Mainor told The Jersey Journal on Tuesday. "I don't do Facebook."

The chairman of the Law and Public Safety Committee, himself a former police officer, apologized last January for using Facebook to call the Dallas Cowboys "cowgirls" and the Philadelphia Eagles "gaybirds." The Jersey Journal noted following that earlier incident he claimed to have only written half the status update, and apologized for letting a friend hijack his page.

After denying his latest "likes" and removing them from his public-facing profile, Mainor called Jersey Journal reporter Terrence T. McDonald back to explain he had in fact liked the page featuring World Star Hip Hop's fight videos, saying his daughter showed it to him and he planned to ask her to show him how to un-like it.

"As far as the Big Bootie Freaks -- listen, I love women," he coyly admitted. "But it shouldn't be on there but I don't know how to get it out."