Detroit-born southern rocker Ted Nugent explained in his Wednesday column for conservative conspiracy website World Net Daily that in his view, African-Americans should become Republican because Democrats "have raped and plundered black America forever."

"Indeed, the tapestry of black America is rich and vibrant," Nugent wrote, in a column outlining his thoughts on why black people should be Republicans. "I don’t celebrate Black History Month, I celebrate it every day, as my very black-inspired musical dreams could not have been successful were it not for black Americans."

Nugent is calling his 2013 tour "Ted Nugent Black Power," apparently building on this theme that African-Americans should become Republicans. It's an odd title to claim, considering Nugent wrote in another of his recent WND columns that he's tired of "Jesse Jackson and Al Not-So-Sharpton" appearing in the media and "lisping their ebonic mumbo-jumbo" about political matters.

"Regrettably, the study of modern-day black history by future historians will not be bright or rich," he writes. "I predict the fundamental blame for this will be laid at the feet of the Democratic Party."

He adds: "Black-on-black crime is epidemic. Our inner cities are cesspools of gangland violence. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and so many others see young black men gunned down by other young black men on a nightly basis. Interestingly, these 'gun free zone' cities have been controlled by Democratic mayors for years, often decades."

"With all this unbelievable negative information, what is more unbelievable is that black Americans continue to support Democratic politicians who have raped and plundered black America forever," Nugent continues.

His column taps into a particular strain of conservative thought prevalent among tea party Republicans, who say that health care, food and housing assistance to poor and needy families is actually a form of slavery. Black conservatives like former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) and presidential candidate Herman Cain have also promoted similar ideas.

As Nugent notes in his WND column, "the unemployment rate for adult black Americans is twice that of white Americans," which is correct according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. African-Americans experienced an unemployment rate of 13.8 percent in January, whereas white workers had a 7 percent unemployment rate.

Data from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) shows that 41 percent of households receiving welfare in 2010 also had at least one member with employment income, although not enough to support the family.

"SNAP helps families become financially stable and make the transition to self-sufficiency, getting them through the tough times," the U.S. Department of Agriculture explains (PDF). "Half of all new participants will leave the program within nine months."

Additionally, while African-Americans are disproportionately represented in welfare statistics due to the higher unemployment rate, far more Caucasians receive government assistance each year.