In an Easter-themed video published Thursday on YouTube, none other than President Barack Obama reaches out to "Kid President," the star of an increasingly popular video series, to help him announce the 2013 White House Easter egg roll.

"Kid President" is actually a 9-year-old kid named Bobby who has a condition that makes his bones very brittle. He became the subject of a Tumblr, a Twitter account and, of course, a YouTube channel.

Videos feature Kid President interviewing celebrities, signing songs and dancing, or just making happy quips like, "Treat everybody like it's their birthday."

That was apparently enough to get the White House's attention, just in time for the April 1 Easter egg roll.

"Kid President, looks like you got my message," Obama says in the video.

"Yes, Mr. President, I got your message," Bobby responds. "This is historic. The White House Easter Egg Roll: Kids dancing, eggs rolling. I'm in, and you should too!"

This video was published to YouTube on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013.