Small hard candy infused with marijuana has popped up in high schools in northwestern Oregon, authorities have warned.

The sugary green candy is frequently shaped as a skull, Gresham police officer Rick Blake told local news station KGW.

"They just sit and suck on it," Blake added. "And, the biggest thing is its odorless, and having no odor, they can sit in class and have this thing and by the end of class, they're high."

The drug-infused treat is reportedly being sold to high school students for $1 to $5 a piece.

Blake told the Portland Tribune the "weed candy" was relatively easy to make, requiring only marijuana and a few common household ingredients. At least three students have been caught with the drug.

“It’s not a problem right now,” he said. “But it definitely rises to the level of concern for us, and it’s on our radar.”

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