Republican Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas on Sunday wondered whether victims of gun violence who supported gun control were just "useful idiots" for President Barack Obama.

"Do you feel that the people that Obama have brought forward to hear his speech, do you feel like they are useful idiots or props in this?" Stockman asked Nugent in a video uploaded to YouTube.

"I'm sure it is a two-edged sword, cus our hearts go out to victims of crime," Nugent said. "But it is never a result of lack of gun regulations."

He added that the push for addition gun control laws was a scheme to disarm the American people and not an attempt to reduce violence. Nugent warned that gun confiscations were being planned in the states of New York, California and Illinois.

"It really is disingenuous and it is underhanded," he continued. "So we understand what the right to keep and bear arms means, and remain ever vigilant. I pray for the families the President is bringing in as props for his agenda, but I also feel equally sorry for them that they are letting emotions determine policy instead of evidence determining policy."

Obama and other Democrats invited about two dozen victims of gun violence to this year's State of the Union address. Stockman -- who has threatened to impeach Obama over gun control -- invited Nugent.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by Rep. Steve Stockman, below: