Saturday Night Live again spoofed Fox & Friends over the weekend, lampooning the conservative talk show's response to President Barack Obama's annual State of the Union address.

The three hosts complained Obama's speech was an "full frontal assault" on traditional American values. Even worse, they learned thanks to loyal viewer "Buttster von Butthole" of "Crust Debutt, Colorado" that Obama's speech contained a secret message when played backwards.

"I am a Black Panther. When this is over, I am going to smoke weed and do hip hop songs," Obama said in his reverse-speech.

The Fox & Friends hosts quickly acknowledged the video was a prank, and turned to anti-Obama rockstar Ted Nugent for his reaction on the State of the Union.

Nugent complained Obama wanted to impose new gun control regulations, when all that was really needed was to "take the guns out of the hands of crazy people."

"It's not hard to tell who is crazy," he explained. "Just look at their eyes: the white part, and the swirly part, and the third-eye of truth."

The show ended with a long list of corrections, including "Armadillo is not Spanish for 'arms dealer'" and "There are no Americans in the Bible."

Watch video, courtesy of NBC, below: