On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart, host of the "The Daily Show," talked about difficulties currently facing the Italian peninsula, including the disruption of recent elections and the resignation of Pope Benedict under a cloud of scandal.

Italy has had its fair share of national woes over the centuries, said Stewart, including foreign occupations, economic booms and busts and a variety of failed governments, "But now, Italy may be faced with its spiciest meatball."

The country is in political gridlock after its recent elections. No party won a clear majority and now the nation's parliament is teetering on the edge of anarchic disarray.

"Who holds an election and then can't figure out who the winner is?" said Stewart. "I mean, other than us, 13 years ago."

Add to this the recent resignation of Pope Benedict amid rumors of a cabal of gay prelates in the Vatican who have made the institution vulnerable to scandal and blackmailers.

"Which brings us to our schadenfreude segment," Stewart said, "'We May Have Trouble Separating Church and State, but At Lease We Still Have Both.'"

While Italy may have neither a Pope nor a prime minister at this point, it does have a panel of what the Italian press calls "007 Cardinals," a trio of Vatican officials tasked with ferreting out the priests ensnared in the sex scandal and disciplining them.

Stewart then began to suggest names for a Vatican spy thriller featuring the "007 Cardinals," names like "Goldmitre" and "Nopussy."

Watch the video, embedded below via Comedy Central: