The owners of a church and daycare facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, pointed to swastikas spray painted on the building as proof that the fire that tore through the building late Saturday night was a premeditated hate crime.

"Three weeks before this happened, somebody called on the phone and threatened us," said Joyce Bryant, a teacher at the Little Leapers Daycare. "Telling us, 'get the fuck out of the neighborhood, pack your bags and leave.'"

WTVJ-TV reported on Sunday that authorities are still investigating the fire, which forced church services to be canceled.

"This just broke my heart," said the daycare's director, Sandra Wilson. "I couldn't stop crying for a while. Couldn't stop crying."

According to WSVN-TV, at least one television and other electronic equipment were also stolen from the building, and daycare staff said they were contacting parents to let them know to make other arrangements for their children for Monday. But they do not plan to leave.

"We're not going to run," Bishop Ivory Wilson said. "Whatever game they're playing doesn't frighten me."

Watch WTVJ's report on the fire at the daycare facility, aired Sunday, below.

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