A 48-year-old Texas woman issued a public apology for calling 911 to ask for cigarettes.

"I am deeply sorry for what I did. I'm embarrassed. It's not me," Linda White told told KXAS-TV on Tuesday, before adding, "It is kind of funny."

White said she phoned Hood County emergency dispatchers on Feb. 11 while drinking at home with her boyfriend, Gary Roberts.

"A few beers too many and then, next thing you know, we're out of cigarettes," White said. "And I didn't want to drive to town."

White identified herself as Roberts during the call, before saying, "I think I dialed the wrong number" and hanging up.

The authorities were not amused.

"She said it was just a joke," said Hood County Chief Deputy Biff Temple. "Well, we don't take the jokes lightly when you're abusing the 911 line."

Instead of a pack of cigarettes, White got a visit from two of Temple's deputies went to her home, who arrested her and charged her with a misdemeanor. She faces a possible six-month jail sentence or a $2,000 fine.

"They don't deliver, they pick up," White said.

Watch White's account of her run-in with Temple's deputies, aired on Monday, below.

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KXAS also posted the audio of her call to 911 dispatchers, which carries one instance of NSFW language, and can be heard below.