Tucker Carlson, the founder of The Daily Caller, attacked Wicca on Sunday, mocking the minority religion for allegedly having too many holidays.

Carlson appeared on the Fox News show Fox & Friends Sunday to discuss the University of Missouri's "Holiday and Recommended Accommodations" guide, which lists eight Wiccan holidays.

"The bad side of Wiccanism is it's obviously a form of witchcraft," he said. "But the upside is you get a ton of holidays. Twenty percent of all school holidays, as described by the University of Missouri, are Wiccan holidays. Twenty percent of all."

Though the Fox & Friends Sunday hosts suggested Wiccans received special treatment, the guide does not recommend any accommodations for Wiccan holidays, unlike many of the other religious holidays listed.

Fox & Friends Sunday host Anna Kooiman complained that Christians were prohibited from saying "Merry Christmas" in the United States.

"But you get 20 holidays now if you're a Wiccan," Fox & Friends Sunday host Clayton Morris interrupted. "I guess that's the one to go with, right? I mean, that's certainly the one. If you're going to pick one, go with the one with the most holidays."

"Except any religion whose most sacred day is Halloween, I just can't take seriously," Carlson added. "I mean, call me a bigot. And I'm not, you know, not offering an editorial against Wiccanism."

Carlson later added that every Wiccan was either a "compulsive Dungeons & Dragons player or is a middle-aged, twice-divorced older woman living in a rural area who works as a midwife."

Watch video, via Media Matters, below: