A viral video that was released earlier this week of a tiny, squeaky-voiced frog has won the hearts of many, including dogs, some of whom can't get enough of the clip. The so-called "world's cutest frog," a South African desert rain frog, has a voice like a squeaky toy, which, as CNN commentator Jeanne Moos showed Thursday, drives dogs wild.

The frog was found and filmed by naturalist Dean Boshoff, who was walking past a sand dune in South Africa when he heard an insistent squeaking.

"I found him, I knelt down," said Boshoff. "I couldn't believe the little sound that he was making."

Neither, apparently, can many dogs.

"When Dean posted the video, he asked others to share their pets' reactions," said Moos. The resulting video clips have shown dogs butting computers with their heads, running around in circles and even trying to make off with one user's smart phone.

Watch the video, embedded via CNN, below: