W. Kamau Bell came to the defense of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Thursday, asking people to get off his case for his response to the State of the Union address.

"It could have been much weirder. He could have been reaching for this," Bell said, before showing a version of Rubio's infamous water swig, which the senator called a reminder from God, with the bottle replaced by a dog.

"Banana Joe!" Bell yelled. "No! Not Banana Joe! He just won the Westminster Dog Show!"

While Bell tried to look on the bright side of Rubio's rebuttal, he also went to extra lengths to watch an "enhanced version" of President Barack Obama's Feb. 12 speech that showed information graphics and assorted reference material alongside his remarks.

"Is that Dubstep? Bring me my emergency Dubstep kit!" he commanded, before donning "raver" gear to follow along.

"Yes, the White House has gone Skrillex," he joked.

Watch Bell take on the State of the Union, and the retort, in this clip aired Thursday on FX below.