The escalating controversy over President Barack Obama's policy on the use of drones, W. Kamau Bell said on Thursday, made him sick of people calling him a socialist, or comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

"Obama's not Hitler -- he's [George W.] Bush," Bell said, setting off a round of confetti and celebratory music as he entered the rarified territory of a Black Comedian Criticizing a Black President.

"That's right, black liberal guy going at Obama," he whooped to the audience, before realizing that all that confetti was made out of his invitation to the White House.

Bell was troubled by the White House's definition of an "imminent threat."

"So they don't need evidence to kill people," Bell concluded. "So what the administration means by 'imminent threat' is that the administration is an imminent threat."

Bell also had news for fans of drone strikes who happen to be horrible parents, revealing that the toy company Maisto had put a working toy drone on the market.

"It's delivered overnight when you least expect it," he said. "Assault and batteries included."

But Maisto's drone was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to toys that teach kid to infringe on civil liberties: there was the "Slip' N Slide waterboarding set"; "Dora The Undocumented Explorer"; the "Zero Dark Thirty Dollhouse"; and the "American Taliban Girl" doll.

"She's secretly plotting to capture your hearts," Bell said.

Watch Bell take on Obama's drone strike program, aired Thursday on FX, below.