The news that Mississippi had finally outlawed slavery had W. Kamau Bell briefly celebrating the end of racism on Thursday, before hearing about the Idaho man who allegedly slapped a crying child he referred to as a "n---er baby."

"Oh goddammit," Bell fretted. "Give me back the T-shirts. Racism's back on, everybody. Let Mel Gibson know. Get out of here, white T-shirt guy, you ruined everything."

Bell pointed out that the baby, 19-month-old Jonah Bennett, "was dignified enough not to respond" to Joe Rickey Hundley's alleged slur, which prompted the 60-year-old Idaho man to slap him. Luckily, Bell said, the other passengers on the Feb. 8 Delta Airlines flight responded by hitting their "a racist is hitting a baby" buttons.

Hundley turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday. While alcohol has been blamed for his behavior, Bell said, "Alcohol was quoted as saying, 'Hey, don't blame me, I tried to talk him out of it. I said, Hey man, we should probably just pass out.'"

Bell also poked fun at ABC News' animated reenactment of the alleged incident, which darkened the child's skin considerably ("He went from Baby Bruno Mars to Black Chucky," Bell said) and made Hundley look much younger.

"Did he make this animation?" Bell asked, before imagining how Hundley might have described himself: "Yes, I'm a 35-year-old George Clooney lookalike and I just got back from working out and I'm sitting next to this Black Panther devil baby, and his diabolical sex robot mom. I had to slap him. You understand."

But Bell said it wasn't Hundley's alleged slur that upset him most about the story.

"I don't want anyone dropping N-bombs on my daughter," he said. "But if Joe Rickey had slapped my baby? Hooo child. That headline would have read, 'Black Man Kills Old White Dude On Plane, and Maybe A Baby Was Slapped Or Something.'"

Watch Bell address the controversy over the alleged airline attack, aired Thursday, below.