Two women have been caught on camera harassing pregnant seals at the Children’s Pool near San Diego, local media reported.

Larry Wan, founder and Chariman of the Western Alliance for Nature, said video showed the women "sitting on them, pulling their flippers, kicking them, flashing lights in their faces -- until each and every one of them is driven off the beach."

Though people are allowed onto the beach, harassing the seals is a crime.

Mayor Bob Filner had the camera installed on a condemned lifeguard tower in January so that people from around the world could view live seal births.

The high-definition camera, which is equipped with night-vision, was paid for and installed by the Western Alliance for Nature.

"This is a great way to showcase San Diego's unique, natural treasure with people all over the world," the mayor said at a news conference. "I personally am looking forward to checking out the webcam to observe the seals."

Police have increased patrols in the area in response to the video.

Watch video, courtesy of Fox 5 San Diego, below:

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[Seals on the beach via Shutterstock]