Tongue planted firmly in cheek -- and without losing it in one of his now-infamous giggle fits -- Anderson Cooper used his "RidicuList" segment on Wednesday to sarcastically proclaim his love for ABC's new stars-gone-diving reality show "Splash."

"As far as I'm concerned, it's genius. Not since 'Skating with the Stars' have I been so intrigued with something on television."

"Another reason I love this show," he added after explaining its premise, "Is that, upon entering the arena in bathrobes, the contestants are greeted, naturally, by a group of dancing paparazzi."

But it was his digression to Headline News' Nancy Grace's time on reality TV that Cooper likely had the most trouble keeping a straight face. He said, "And I love the look of horror on Kendra Wilkinson's face. Kendra's facial expressions are going to do for 'Splash' what Nancy Grace's disputed nip slip did for 'Dancing With The Stars.'" Grace appeared in the thirteenth season of ABC's most prominent stars-doing-other-things reality shows, and her wardrobe malfunction (link NSFW) on the second episode made headlines. (She was eliminated in the eighth episode that season.)

"By the way," Cooper deadpanned after showing a still of Grace's wardrobe malfunction with Wolf Blitzer's head superimposed on her aureola, "If you don't know who Kendra is, I'm officially not speaking to you." Wilkinson, a former nude model and Hugh Hefner girlfriend, achieved prominence outside of the world of pornography by parlaying her time on the Hefner girlfriend reality show "Girl Next Door" into her own reality show upon leaving the magazine magnate.

Watch the full segment, first broadcast by CNN on March 20, 2013, below: