The head of an anti-LGBT rights group shared his disgust over the thought of two gay men consummating their marriage with conservative radio host Janet Mefferd on Thursday.

"If you want to just think of how wrong homosexual so-called marriage is just ask yourself: how do two guys consummate their marriage? Yuck," said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.

Right Wing Watch reported on Friday that LaBarbera was on the show to criticize the state of Illinois' marriage equality bill, which was passed by the state Senate on Feb. 14.

"The whole concept is absurd," LaBarbera said. "It's not marriage. You know, one angle that I'm going to be writing about, Janet, is if you've got homosexual so-called marriage legalized, you're going to end up teaching gay sex-ed, there is no way around it."

LaBarbera said he was also bothered by the prospect of same sex couples discussing their marriages in public, alluding to an unspecified National Public Radio report about a Massachusetts teacher who said she felt "emboldened" about homosexuality after the 2004 ruling legalizing marriage equality in the state.

"Think about it," he told Mefferd. "If a teacher is so-called married, say a guy, a male teacher is married to another man -- so-called because of course it's not really marriage -- he gets to talk about that marriage in the classroom, just as a normal heterosexual married person could talk about, you know, a man could talk about his wife."

Listen to LaBarbera's comments, as posted online by San Vicente Media on Friday, below.

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