One lucky Arizona alligator was got a prosthetic tail over the weekend, said to be the world's first.

The 'gator is named Mr. Stubbs, according to Arizona NBC affiliate KPNX-TV. He was confiscated by officials years ago because of an Arizona law that makes owning alligators illegal.

Mr. Stubbs' name comes from his lack of a tail, which causes him to swim with a kind of dog paddle. That paddle got someone over at the Phoenix Herpetological Society thinking about how Mr. Stubbs' mobility could be returned to him, and a crazy idea was born.

The prosthetic they ultimately came up with was modeled on the carcass of an alligator similar in size to Mr. Stubbs, crafted to mimic a real 'gator tail's mass and center of gravity.

From the looks of it, Mr. Stubbs is taking to the new appendage swimmingly well.

This video is from NBC affiliate KPNX, aired Monday, March 11, 2013.