While Windsor, Missouri mayor Justin Brown was quick to admit people liked "potty humor," the news that city employees had to bring their own toilet paper at work was no laughing matter.

"I was just really incredulous that this was a topic to be brought up at a City Hall meeting, much less have any truth to it," Brown told KCTV-TV on Saturday. "The number one emotion is embarrassment. We have a lot of good things going on in our little town, and this is the topic."

The topic was brought to light at a March 12 city council meeting, when a resident, Nancy Dunbar, asked for permission to start a fundraising drive to cover the cost of new toilet paper. Dunbar said she had been told by city administrator Sandra Underwood that male employees at the municipal barn exceeded their budget for tissues and were forced to bring their own.

"Just because they're cleaning lagoons out doesn't mean they don't need to clean their rumps," Dunbar told the council.

The council voted to restore funding for the barn to provide toilet paper for the male employees.

Underwood denied making such statements in an off-camera interview with the station, saying the city's public works department told the employees there was a budget shortage. Dunbar, however, said Underwood admitted to issuing the order after the council meeting ended.

Watch KCTV's report on the case of the missing toilet paper money, aired Saturday, below.