Wednesday night on "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert discussed the group of Tennessee legislators who mistook a mop sink in a janitorial closet for an Islamic foot-bath.

All over the country, Colbert said, you can see signs of a gradual Muslim takeover of our culture. Brave conservative legislators must be ever-vigilant for evidence of creeping Sharia law.

Twenty-nine of the 50 states have passed legislation against Sharia law, he continued, but legislators in Tennessee found evidence of a "Sharia creep-around" in the men's room of the state capitol building.

During renovations on the capitol, several legislators approached the state Senate clerk expressing fear that a mop sink being constructed at floor level in the men's room was actually a Muslim foot-bath.

"Oh, yeah," said Colbert. "Muslims are always washing their feet. It's supposed to be so that they're pure when they pray, but we all know. 'The cleaner the feet, the softer the creep.'"

"Naturally, this terrorist foot shower threw legislators into a panic," he continued, including the sponsor of the state's anti-Sharia law bill.

Ultimately, Legislative Administration Director Connie Ridley found it necessary to send out an email to all state lawmakers explaining that the floor-mounted sink is "for housekeeping use."

“It is, in layman’s terms, a mop sink,” she wrote.

Colbert warned conservative legislators not to let their guard down, however.

"Because what is a mop sink," he asked, "if not a Muslim mop bath?"

And what is a mop, he went on, besides a beard on a stick? Holding up a large mop, he dubbed it, "Osama been moppin'," and went on to "waterboard" it, using a janitor's mop bucket.

Plunging it into the water, he shouted, "Get ready to talk, scum!"

Watch the video, embedded below via Comedy Central: