Police in Kalamazoo, Michigan got a surprise late Tuesday night when a deer he was told was dead popped out of a man's trunk during a traffic stop.

WOOD-TV reported on Wednesday that Officer David Miller was talking to the car's owner after finding him parked behind a local hotel. The unidentified man allegedly told Miller, "I hit a deer, I figured you would want to see it," as he opened the trunk.

At that point the deer backed out of the trunk and stumbled to the ground as Miller, another officer and the driver looked on in surprise. The man, thinking he had killed the deer, allegedly planned to take it home and serve it to his family.

Lt. Stacey Geik said Miller "merely wanted to check on the tagging of the deer to make sure it was appropriately tagged with a kill permit or accident permit" before the deer escaped, running off into the woods.

Watch the deer escape being somebody's dinner in this footage from police's dashboard camera posted by WOOD on Wednesday below.

'Dead' deer jumps out of trunk