Two men in El Paso, Texas were arrested over the weekend after police found marijuana inside their ice cream truck.

According to the El Paso Times, El Paso County Sheriff's deputies stopped the truck after noticing an expired registration sticker and a cracked windshield. The two suspects fled, but were eventually chased down by deputies.

Authorities recovered two large Tupperware bowls of marijuana from 19-year-old Elijah Sanchez. More weed was found inside the truck.

Sanchez was arrested for evading arrest and possession of marijuana. The second man, 29-year-old Anthony Arellano, was also taken into custody on marijuana possession charges.

KVIA noted that it was not clear if the suspects had been selling marijuana out of the truck.

"Kids see the ice cream truck and they automatically want to run for the ice cream truck," Mariana Gardea, who was at a local park with her daughter, told KVIA. "You always had a good feeling when you heard the ice cream truck."

The notion of using ice cream trucks for dirty dealings is not a new idea.

In the movie Friday, the character Big Worm uses an ice cream truck to facilitate his drug business. And in the Showtime cable series Shameless, several characters deal marijuana, cigarettes, booze to minors out of an ice cream truck.

Watch this video from KVIA, broadcast March 10, 2013.