A former Democratic assemblyman from Nevada was arrested for choking a police dog in California on Thursday evening just hours after his former colleagues voted to permanently expel him from the chamber.

Steven Brooks, 41, was detained near Barstow on Interstate 15 Thursday evening, according to The Associated Press. It was not clear what first attracted the attention of police, or what Brooks was doing in California, in the initial round of reports. KVVU-TV in Las Vegas reported Friday that Brooks led police on a high speed chase after a tow truck driver claimed Brooks was trying to defraud him of fees owed.

In the chase that ensued, Brooks was reportedly driving on one flat tire, throwing objects out of his vehicle until police deployed a spike strip and brought his vehicle to a halt. KVVU-TV adds that police were unable to get Brooks to comply with any orders and instead had to subdue him after he attacked a police canine and began choking the dog and beating it with a wrench.

He was ultimately brought down by a Taser and taken from the scene of the arrest on a stretcher, then treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

The arrests marks the former lawmaker's third in recent months. He was barred from entering the assembly last month after allegedly threatening Assembly Democratic Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick in January, which triggered a felony arrest.

He was detained again days later on a domestic disturbance call at his grandmother's home, and then again in another domestic disturbance in February, this time amid a dispute with his wife, during which police claimed he threw punches and reached for an officer's gun.

Investigators later said that he was blocked from purchasing a gun in February, according to The Los Angeles Times.


Photo: Screenshot via Fox 5 Vegas.