In video published Tuesday by The Huffington Post, High Times associate publisher Richard Cusick explained all the many ways people use to trick drug tests, saying that products which help people do just that -- including a fake penis called "The Whizzinator" -- equate to roughly a $600 million industry every year.

"That's the problem with urine analysis," Cusick said. "It's so easily beaten. You can use a spike where you put something into your urine and it comes out clean. You can take a substitution where you take clean urine and you put that in... Or you can take dilution, the most common way, in which you drink a lot of fluids and pee it all out, and then when it comes time to [take the test] it is masked."

He added that some people swear by a product, a version of which is now illegal, called "The Whzzinator," a fake penis that can be used to inject either clean or synthetic urine into a drug test. "I've said it a million times, you can go to your drug test stoned with this," Cusick deadpanned.

While "The Whizzinator" might get around some minor drug interdiction efforts like pre-employment screenings, it's not foolproof in closer encounters. Officers trained in drug detection know to look for them and know the psychological cues people give off when wearing such a contraption, and many times the faux penis that's a slightly different color than the skin of the person wearing it has proved a dead giveaway.

"I say that frivolusly but it's not a frivolus statement," Cusick added. "These drug tests don't work. They are easily beaten. I do it all the time. I know how this is done. If it doesn't work, there is no safety in the workplace. What we need is impairment testing, and we need it now."

This video is from The Huffington Post, published Tuesday, March 12, 2013.