On his show Thursday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart ripped the coverage of a recent spat between the White House and journalist Bob Woodward.

Woodward alleged a senior White House official said he would "regret" his reporting on budget negotiations between the President and Congress. The Washington Post editor and former reporter criticized the language used, portraying it as a threat against him.

"These administration Chicago-style thugs strong-arming a formerly young reporter like this. If only we had the emails," Stewart remarked, evoking the name of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in hopes the communications would be revealed.

But the emails showed Woodward wasn't threatened or intimidated. In fact, the White House official in question, Gene Sperling, had apologized for yelling at Woodward earlier. Woodward replied that no apology was necessary.

"Woodword, if I ever see you on the streets of this town again -- I will wave to you, because we are good friends,” Stewart mockingly said. "Here is what's crazy, that doesn't sound like a threat to me and I'm a coward."

Stewart also slammed the media for focusing on House Speaker John Boehner's (R-OH) use of the word "ass" rather than his ironic statement about averting looming across-the-board budget cuts.

"Wow, yes, Mr. House of Representatives, you've had an up or down vote on those bills," Stewart said. "Why hasn't the Senate done the same? Is it because the minority party in the Senate -- I believe they are called the Republicans -- have made it impossible to have that vote because they have filibustered it?"

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